Our school meals

 Our aim is to provide healthy whole-food meals.

All our meals at Terra Moyo are prepared from whole foods and we use organic fruits and vegetables where possible. Our meals are also nut-free and vegetarian and so we ensure each meal has a vegetable protein or egg served. We do not use any added sugar. For Nursery students there is no added salt in our food. For Kindergarten students, a small amount of salt is added to lunch, prior to serving. Primary children are allowed to add a small amount of salt to their food (no salt added in the kitchen) if they want to, since they are old enough to have salt in small quantities and their sense of taste is also evolving. We keep the peel on our fruits and vegetables whenever possible to ensure our children are also digesting the valuable nutrients that are part of the peel. We don’t deep-fry food and mostly  use brown rice and brown flours when cooking and baking. We soak our grains, legumes and seeds prior to cooking them and use locally sourced foods when possible and avoid buying imported goods.

Our snacks always have a fresh fruit and vegetable option available for children. The fruit option type will vary depending on season and availability.

On average once per week, children will have the opportunity to take part in meal preparation. This will be an optional activity in the early morning hours upon arrival at school. The activities will be age-appropriate, including grating, peeling, scrubbing and chopping vegetables (that will later be cooked in the kitchen), as well as sorting dry pulses. These are excellent fine motor activities and give children an opportunity to be involved in the preparation of the food that they will eat that day.

Please note that our menu may change occasionally if the needed ingredients are not available. 

The weekly meal plans are shared with enrolled parents.