Our Story...

Dear Families,

Welcome to Terra Moyo International School! 

Terra Moyo started as a home schooling initiative set up for my own children. I wanted to create a sensory-rich, nature-based, outdoor environment, where children can learn at their own pace through personal choices and real life experiences. A place where the surrounding nature can teach us about the elements of life, where meal times and nutrition are considered a valuable practice and where community and social interaction are at the heart of the programe. In September 2015, I invited other parents and children to join us. It didn't take long for more people to take interest and before I knew it, we had over ten children attending.

Now, we are a growing international school for curious minds that fill our beautiful space with inquisitive questions, novel ideas and enthusiastic energy.

Combining the Latin word for Earth -Terra- and the Kiswahili word for Heart -Moyo-, the name we chose for our school represents the strong connection to our environment and the way the children learn in a natural way, taking responsibility for their own learning and having the freedom to explore and choose materials and projects based on their interest.

Terra Moyo International School currently offers education for children from 18 months to 7 years old. As the children grow, the School will grow with them, offering nature-based quality education. We have a blended curriculum of Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf and forest schooling, designed specifically for Terra Moyo. With a dedicated and passionate international team of teachers and support staff, we strive to provide a welcoming, unique, eco-friendly and progressive learning environment for our Students.

With your support and commitment, we believe we can create an incredibly inspiring and enriching educational experience for our Students that will light the passion of learning to last a lifetime.

Warm regards, Nike Kondakis, The founding director of Terra Moyo