Our Philosophy
What is important to us? 

Creative & Open-ended

We encourage children to freely express their imagination, desires and creativity with welcoming unexpected processes and results .

Eco-friendly & Environmentally aware

We ensure that we do not harm our environment and prevent disrupting our natural environment through our interactions with it.

Experiential learning

We focus on  providing experiential learning, which is an engaged learning process whereby students “learn by doing” and by reflecting on the experience.

Social-Emotional focus

We focus on establishing crucial life skills through SEL (Social-emotional learning), including the children’s ability to understand themselves, develop a positive self-image, take responsibility for their actions, and forge relationships with the people around them.

Our Ethos, Mission & Vision

Through a welcoming and open environment, where asking questions is encouraged, children and teachers research together and welcome unexpected processes and results. Striving to promote confident, curious and resourceful learners who demonstrate intellectual engagement, critical thinking and creative problem-solving with respect for individual differences, and a strong sense of personal, social and environmental responsibility. 

Our Ethos is based on respect for all children’s rights, to have unlimited access to nature and where children are encouraged to direct & explore their own learning.

Our Vision is to develop confident, independent and curious learners that will act upon and solve problems in tomorrow’s world with respect and mindfulness towards themselves, others & our natural environment. 

Our Mission is to inspire and nurture exploration and natural discovery in close contact with our environment and nature, observing a mindful attitude towards self-care, mindfulness and tolerance of others. 

Our beautiful forest environment