Our Primary curriculum

Albizia, Bombax, Cypress & Dracaena Class (5.5 - 7 years)

At this age children are becoming almost fully independent in their daily lives, their social interactions are a big priority to them as they create strong and close friendships. This is strongly considered through group projects, team building and outdoor time interactions. Children from this age and on wards are becoming more aware of recognizing patterns in numbers and letters and associating them with meaning. Their comprehension, writing, reading and numeracy skills greatly improve as they become more logically conscious. Children begin to think bigger thoughts and ask cosmic questions such as "How did the earth begin? How were humans formed? How did we learn to speak, read and do math?" Furthermore the progression in their academic skills gives them more freedom to learn about topics of their choice, no matter how big or small. We support children in this by having resources and materials for personal project time. Other exploration times can be through sensorial play and experiential experiments, Reggio Emilia and Montessori inspired materials and invitations to create, as well as teacher lead class teaching times based on subjects. Themes are not followed in primary instead we follow the Montessori curriculum which is divided up into their specific subjects. The timetable is even more structured than in kindergarten to allow for more exposure in the numerous, different subjects. Primary classes will have the opportunity to go on local field trips and have visits at school by experts. The teacher is there as a loving, reliable and comforting presence to facilitate learning opportunities, as well as conducting ongoing evaluations of each child to share with their parents.

All age groups visit Karura Forest once a week for a full day. Participate in yoga, gymnastics and P.E. and explore art, music and drama on a weekly basis as well as all core academic subjects, Math, Literacy, Social studies, Science and Kiswahili. We practise Mindfulness as a separate subject but it is also incorporated in all aspects of our school lives. In addition, Primary has swimming and French.

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