Our Nursery curriculum

Pine & Jacaranda Class (18 months - 3.5 years)

At this age children are beginning to understand that they exist as individual entities separate from other people and they are mostly ruled by their emotions. We therefore focus on providing the child with a safe space where they will feel loved, listened to and cared for, but that will also give them the nudge to venture into the unknown in order to explore this new world and grow in their independence. This adventure takes place through sensorial stimulation through engaging sensory bins, Reggio Emilia and Montessori inspired materials, invitations to create and experiential activities, as well as instructions through songs. Teachers expose children to literacy and numeracy through playful, sensory rich and age appropriate activities such as counting through play, sound recognition through songs and familiarization of  shapes & colors through games. The timetable is structured to allow for maximum free and guided exploration based on the theme(s) being explored. The Teacher offers the children constant loving support, positive reinforcement and self-modelling in order to fuel their curiosity, self-confidence and independence, as well as conducting on going evaluations of each child to share with their parent.

All age groups visit Karura Forest once a week for a half day. Participate in yoga, gymnastics and P.E. and explore art, music and drama on a weekly basis. We practise Mindfulness as a separate subject but it is also incorporated in all aspects of our school lives.

Enrolment can be for full day or half-day.

First class is Pine. Second class is Jacaranda in Nursery.

All classes are named after trees in the school environment.

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