We are an Eco-conscious school!

Nature connection is good for humans and especially good for students. Research demonstrates that nature connection supports a whole host of good outcomes for learners from improved academic performance to reduced stress to increased beneficial play.  At Terra Moyo, we know our students are getting a big daily dose of "Vitamin N."

Check out some helpful info graphics about nature connection and children from the Children & Nature Network:

We also strongly believe in understanding, protecting and loving our natural world so we can have a greener tomorrow. This is a huge part of our curriculum and every day school life!

Here are some of the measures we take in being green:

  • Recycling of food waste and of paper & plastic used in our activities.
  • Swapping plastic for sustainable materials.
  • Using recycled materials for arts & crafts.
  • Using grey rather than black ink and a more Eco friendly font on printable materials.
  • Collecting rain water.
  • Growing our own veggies.
  • Collecting eggs from our school chickens.
  • Providing fresh, local & organic meals.
  • Designing our school to blend in & complement our natural surroundings.
  • Using biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products.
  • Allowing leaves to remain on the ground to feed the earth.
  • Teaching children to cherish, look after and protect their natural surroundings!
You can read more about Terra Moyo's green approach by downloading this PDF.

Our sustainable living suggestions...

As a community of nature loving individuals who whole heartedly believe in creating a more sustainable way of living, we not only want to make our school as green as possible but also the wider environment.  Here are some of our suggestions about what companies and/or products Terra Moyo affiliates with and want to share to help us all live a greener way!