Our Kindergarten curriculum

Jasmine & Bougainvillea Class (3.5 - 5.5 years)

At this age children are becoming more independent in their daily lives and more aware of others around them and the role that they play in their lives. They are becoming more socially conscious and more in control of appropriate ways of demonstrating their emotions. We therefore provide them with more activities that have a collaborative aspect to them, such as songs that they sing together or group Art or Science activities/experiments, as well as allowing  for more independent work. Children at this age are also becoming increasingly interested and aware of the purpose of their learning environment; “this material is to explore shapes, colours, numbers or letters” and they are able to concentrate for slightly longer times to allow for this independent or guided exploration time. This exploration time can be through sensorial play and experiential experiments, Reggio Emilia and Montessori inspired materials and invitations to create, as well as teacher led class teaching times based on the theme(s) being explored. The teachers work more with children on their pencil grip, tracing, letter formation and sound recognition as well as writing their own names and other words. Montessori materials are used to practise number formations and grasp concepts such as simple addition and subtraction as well as 2D & 3D shapes. All these activities are still done through sensorial play, songs, stories and games. The timetable is slightly more structured than in nursery to allow for more exposure in the different subjects. Kindergarten classes will have the opportunity to go on local field trips and have visits at school by experts. The teacher is there as a loving, reliable and comforting presence to facilitate learning opportunities, as well as conducting on going evaluations of each child to share with their parent.

All age groups visit Karura Forest once a week for a full day. Participate in yoga, gymnastics and P.E. and explore art, music and drama on a weekly basis. 

We practise Mindfulness as a separate subject but it is also incorporated in all aspects of our school lives.

Enrolment can be for full day or half-day.

First class is Jasmine. Second class is Bougainvillea in Kindergarten.

All classes are named after trees in the school environment.

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