Our Testimonials

Lindsay, Parent

"My children had a wonderful experience at Terra Moyo - both the kindergarten and primary school. We chose the school largely because it puts as much focus on social and emotional development as on academics, its connection to nature, and its intense nurturing of children’s creativity and exploration. We found all of that to be true, and delighted in being part of Terra Moyo's warm, welcoming community."

April, Parent

We love Terra Moyo because we see the school emphasizes empathy, kindness, a love of nature, self-exploration and expression, and sustainability. My daughter loves to go to school each day and all of her teachers. She knows just about every  teacher, employee, and student of the school. Even the parents, too. It's a wonderful community. My daughter comes home with stories about her day and learning that show she has grown a deeper connection to the earth, nature, and world around her, and how she is part of it all through how she lives. And she is often covered in dirt, which is also super good for her health! I am often in awe of all she is learning at such a young age, many things I was not fortunate to learn and experience. Lastly, TM is innovative, always taking feedback and creating new opportunities for the kids and parents, and does an excellent job of fostering a close-knit community.

Stephanie, Parent

Terra Moyo was a wonderful place for our 2 kids. They loved the daily classwork, the adventures in the forest, and the friends they made. We choose the school because of its focus on nature based teaching, and its focus on the child's emotional well being and growth along side their academics.
We also loved all the extra activities available to the children both during the classroom hours and after school. My kiddos loved the included programs in music, french, swimming, and yoga! And the after school clubs were also a joy, particularly chess club and football.
As soon as I heard about Terra Moyo I knew it was the right place to welcome my son in his first steps in education outside of our home. I loved the philosophy, including the connection to nature and the focus on supporting the children following their curiosity, amongst so many other things.
The warmth of the school was also especially important given that my son had been born into COVID so had spent a lot of time at home.

Sophie, Parent

So often in life when you have big expectations, the reality can fail to match but in fact Terra Moyo has been all we hoped for and more. I see my son and his friends blossoming into happy, confident, independent children before my eyes. I just love the school and how much my son loves to attend it. Given it is run with such heart I also have real trust when I drop my son off in the morning, and know that he is in a wonderful environment. We really could not be happier.

Asya, Teacher  & parent 

"Terra Moyo is an absolutely beautiful and natural environment with a unique, child centred and gentle teaching approach. My children can not wait to go to school every day! They love learning at Terra Moyo International school!"

Robin, Parent

“Terra Moyo was a great fit for our kids! The teachers are warm and caring and work with the child’s interests and unique talents. I loved the emphasis on taking care of our planet and fostering a connection to nature. My two kids thrived there!”

Elisabeth, Parent

For my 2 kids, Terra Moyo has been a great fit from the very beginning. We love the fact that TM is always thinking of what is best for the children. Quite literally AND figuratively off the beaten track, Terra Moyo is a unique place where children love to learn, with freedom of choice and access to nature, where teachers see the WHOLE child and inspire and cultivate the mindset and skills that the next generations REALLY need in the 21st century. We love TM!

Priti, Parent

The moment we stepped in to the Terra Moyo environment, we knew this was the school for our son. He has been there for 6 and a half years now. And we have not regretted our decision.
As parents we have seen it grow from a really small school to what it is now, with all the changes from where it started to what it has become and still evolving, by involving the parents and ready to take suggestions and feedback.
Our son has enjoyed every moment at Terra Moyo. He has happily gone to school and still does so because he enjoys being there. Nike and all the teachers over the years have provided an excellent environment, in the way they have approached the learning environment, teaching mindfulness, emotional intelligence, learning through play and child-led, connection to nature, and so much more.
These have been 6 and a half years of stress free school years for our family!